Hackers transfer $4 million stolen from Bitfinex

In 2016, the Bitfinex exchange was hacked, after which hackers seized 120 thousand BTC. Today, attackers transferred 416 BTC from this amount to unknown wallets.

Transactions took place in small portions of 17–33 BTC, according to Whale Alert. This is not the first movement of stolen funds — in early June, the portal registered the transfer of 77 BTC from the wallets of the same hackers. At the same time, the coins have not been moved since 2016.

Earlier, analyst Timothy Peterson voiced an opinion that Bitcoin price surge on June 2, when the price rose by $700 within an hour and then dropped by $1,000, was provoked by these hackers. According to Peterson, they tested the pump-dump scheme and are planning to use it in the future, but with larger amounts.

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