How guards your anonymity when making financial transactions

🐱‍👤Anonymity is one of the most important and valuable things on the internet. It means that nobody will learn information about you that you don’t want to provide. Especially if this information is about finances. The majority of exchangers are anonymous and do not require a customer to specify personal information. In rare exclusions, you may be asked to verify your bank card.

Monitor also provides the maximal confidentiality:

👍You don’t need to register. After you visit the website, you can start selecting an exchanger straight away.

👍Verification is also not required. We do not offer financial, custodial or payment services, which means we do not store users’ funds or engage in transactions. That’s why KYC/ AML requirements do not apply to us.

👍We track exchangers that require card or other user data verification and display corresponding icons next to their names.

👍We do not store personal data about clients and do not transfer them to anyone. Personal data includes, for example, an e-mail that you provide when contacting technical support or analysis of user behavior when entering captcha.

If you need anonymity on the internet and when making financial transactions, please pay attention to the condition of each specific exchanger. We, on our side, are doing our best to reflect any changes in their policy.



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