How does BestChange ensure the relevance of exchange rates?

One of the moments we pay the utmost attention to is that the website always shows the most up-to-date rates. That’s because due to the volatility of the crypto market any informational delay can cause a missed profit. To reach this goal the monitor has specific demands to the exchangers regarding providing information.

The rules every exchanger in our listing abides by:

▶If it is impossible to transfer the exact rate for a direction, the exchanger must stop transferring it to the monitor.

▶ Take into account in the rate all costs from the exchanger and the client.

▶ If the costs are subject to change (for example, they depend on the amount), then the exchanger needs to transfer to BestChange the maximally possible cost.

▶ Switch off manually processed directions during out-of-office hours.

▶Also, transfer relevant reserves for each direction.

And, of course, we monitor any attempts to cheat — when pseudo-profitable conditions are submitted to the monitor in order to attract customers. Sanctions will be applied to such services.



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