How to find the exchanger you used last time?

BestChange keeps the history of every person’s visits to exchangers — given they didn’t change the browser and didn’t clear cookies. That’s why you can easily find the exchanger you like that you used recently, but have forgotten its name.

Simply click the link “History” and you will see the table with the following data:

📝 Date when you visited the exchanger.

📝 Name of the exchanger (click on it if you want to visit its site once again).

📝 Direction and exchanger rate at that moment. If the field is empty, then you must have visited the website from the list of exchangers, without choosing an exchange direction.

📝 Reserves the exchanger had at the moment.

You don’t have to keep in mind all the information about all exchanges you made — using BestChange before each operation will not only make it more profitable and safe but will help find the best exchanger options. Because there are lots of them (over 200 on our website) and remembering the name and particularities of each one is almost impossible.



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