How to Get Rich by D. Trump: Main Points

Today we would like to share with you a summary of another interesting book “How to Get Rich” by Donald Trump!
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Do not have high expectation from this book. The book written by a famous billionaire provides entertaining reading rather than gives a step-by-step manual. However, it is worthy of attention!
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The book’s main ideas are:
• Surround yourself with the best people. They do not have to be people who have made remarkable career, — the main point is that they have correct credo’s in life.
• Think big to have great accomplishes.
• If you are passionately aspiring for something, sooner or later you will achieve that.
• Without positive attitude and healthy self-esteem you will always be in the gutter.
• Learning, practicing and chiseling your vocation come first, and only after that you can start your ambitious projects.
• Take care of how you look: people evaluate you based on how you present yourself.
• You must go public from time to time. It is important to grab attention of your audience when you give a speech or make a presentation.
• As for financial investments, trust only high-profile specialists; invest only in those objects and products you know well.
• During negotiations use your knowledge, assertiveness, flexibility and patience; never let the other side know what it really is you are after.
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Would you be interested in a more detailed summary of this book? Would you like us to share reviews of other useful financial books?

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