How to Grow Circle of Connections

The most ancient business-wisdom goes like that: connections solve everything.

We certainly know it is hard to overestimate how handy “useful people” are. But do we do anything to develop our connections?

Today we are going to tell you a little bit about the rules of establishing links.

1. Pay attention to your acquaintances, this is your “first circle of connections”. If possible, make a small card-index, file up all the information you can find about persons who can be at least a little bit useful.

2. Analyze acquaintances of your acquaintances, this is “the second circle of connections”. If you think hard, you can find useful people, even in theory, among those. You need to make a personal acquaintance with them. Let the people from the first circle introduce you.

3. Go to professional clubs, trainings and even company events. This can be a great opportunity to meet useful people.

4. Look for professional communities on the Internet. Searching for useful connections is a careful and professional task. Analyze the communities where useful for you people hang out.

5. Learn more about the people who have similar interests in the sphere other than work. It can be very handy. Ask them not only about their hobbies, but also about business and work.

That said, you need to consider what your new acquaintances need. The most common mistake when searching for useful people — is to take not giving anything in return. It breaks the principle “a favor for favor” and the person may ignore your request in the future.

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work. You can have a great idea or product. But they will become a success only when you have a network to tell people about them”- Robert Kiyosaki.

Connections are about both spreading your influence and effective solution of problems. Grow your connections, grow your income, and we will always help you keep your means when exchanging.

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