In 2022, it will be possible to buy Lamborghini for bitcoin, and Tether has confirmed the fact that USDT is fully-backed

Kraken CEO is confident that Bugatti can be purchased for 1 BTC by 2023

At the end of 2020, when discussing the potential of the first cryptocurrency, Powell called it “infinite.” The current value of the crypto asset is already equal to Tesla Model 3, and BTC will definitely continue to grow.

“Тo the crypto community, I think those kinds of assets are easier to measure Bitcoin against because you never know where the dollar is going to be. There could be 10 times as many U.S. dollars out there a year from now, so it’s really hard to measure Bitcoin against the dollar,” Powell said.

Tether confirms that USDT is backed

Tether’s total assets are $35,3 billion, and total liabilities amount to $35,2 billion, of which $35,1 billion is associated with the token issuance. This indicates that the reserves of the crypto project are higher than the amount required to repurchase all issued USDT.

“Parabolic USDT issuance incoming, based on Tether sending an Excel file to an accounting firm on the Cayman Islands, who then trusted that Excel sheet and signed off on the attestation. Not an audit. It was Tether sending an Excel file, ” wrote a user under the nickname RealWillyBot after the report was published.

Cryptocurrency analyst: BTC will not grow in the short term

In addition, Van de Poppe stressed that BTC is facing serious resistance at $56,200 and is trying to find support at $54,100. The expert believes that if the cryptocurrency cannot stay at this level, then, most likely, within a week bitcoin will drop again to $50,000 or even to $48,500. However, the trader is generally optimistic about the future of BTC, emphasizing that new highs are inevitable.

“$73,000 and $92000 become the next points of interest if Bitcoin’s price breaks above the current all-time high at around $61,000”, he wrote.

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