Indicators to choose exchangers and the role of in this

Do you agree that you can only trust your money to such services that have earned this trust? Let’s talk about indicators to choose exchangers and the role of the monitor in this. does due compliance checks of all exchangers before adding them to the website, and later on, continues watching over their reliability and reputation. That’s why the risk for the users is minimal. To keep good relationships with the large monitor, exchangers try to timely solve the problems the users write about in complaints.

Some pieces of advice when choosing exchangers through

If you see negative reviews, please check whether the exchanger has responded to them and whether the problem was solved.

Please pay attention to the duration of the exchanger’s work. As a rule, we do not add exchangers that have been working less than half a year, but the longer the exchanger has been successfully working, the better.

Please pay attention to the available reserves — a large amount of funds for all exchange directions guarantees that the money will be enough for everyone.

Sign of the quality of the exchanger is an additional check and official registration. Please study this information together with users’ reviews, the working condition of the website and the current status on the monitor.

If you are selecting an exchanger on your own, without our help, we recommend studying at least three factors. Firstly, check the service in blacklists and read the reviews about it on independent platforms. Secondly, check the data of domain registration on If the domain is only a few days old, give such an exchanger a wide berth, however attractive rates it would offer. Thirdly, the domain must not be located on free hosting.

Please be careful and happy exchanging!




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