Investors are more interested in Cardano than other cryptoassets, and Bitcoin continues to grow

Investors are more interested in Cardano than BTC

More than 31% of respondents are optimistic about ADA growth, according to the study. 22% of the survey participants spoke out in favor of Bitcoin.

ETH ranks third in popularity among investors. 12% of the respondents voted for it.

“This clearly demonstrates the enthusiasm that our user base has towards cryptocurrencies, both from the investment and trading perspectives. Of course, everyone is talking about Bitcoin these days, but seeing Cardano coming ahead of it was a really big surprise for us” CEO of Voyager Digital Steve Ehrlich said.

Expert: Bitcoin price will rise

“Although the general psychological background remains very active, pushing the bitcoin exchange rate up, the sentiment of many participants still remains restrained. Recovering the previous falls, today the first cryptocurrency can approach the mark of $57,200 per coin, ” the expert said.

According to Coinmarketcap data, the bitcoin rate continues to rise. On March,10 the main cryptocurrency costs around $ 55,143.

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