Jeff Bezos is capable of buying all bitcoins, and miners get 99% of the profit from BTC and ETH

Bitcoin network activity is growing

Despite the fact that bitcoin price volatility is falling, network activity sets records.

The number of new addresses created per hour reached a two year-peak — last time this was observed when the BTC price was around $ 20,000. At the same time, the number of active addresses has grown to a yearly maximum, and the level of transactions per hour surged to a peak of 10 months.

At the same time, bitcoin price volatility has been at its lowest level since May, over the past month and a half, trading volume has fallen by 72%.

Jeff Bezos is capable of buying all bitcoins

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is now worth $171.6 billion, which exceeds the capitalization of bitcoin by $2 million.

Bezos’s record-breaking wealth has happened because of an increase in the value of his company’s shares, which rose to a historic high at $2,888. This happened amid closing down of offline stores due to the coronavirus crisis.

Today, the average market price of BTC is $9,210 and the capitalization of the first cryptocurrency exceeds $169.6 billion.

Miners get 99% of the profit from BTC and ETH

Bitcoin and Ethereum bring 99% of the revenue to miners, according to Messari.

The total commission in the Bitcoin network over the past 24 hours amounted to $407 thousand, and in the Ethereum network — $814 thousand. Next, with a large lag are NEO ($1,800), Litecoin ($376) and Monero ($274).

Over the past three months, the median commission on the Ethereum blockchain has grown by more than 10 times to $0.337. On the contrary, transfers in bitcoins are getting cheaper: in May the median reached $3.915, and now it has dropped to $0.875.

Analysts note that most cryptocurrency blockchains are “virtually free of charge.”

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