Key forecasts from crypto analytics

Ronnie Moas: bitcoin will double within the next 6 months

Ronie Moas, the founder of Standtpoint Research and a famous crypto investor, thinks that the US stock market will double in the next 5–7 years, and bitcoin will double in 5–7 months.

According to the analyst, portfolio managers who have not yet diversified their clients into bitcoin are not fulfilling their fiduciary responsibility.

Bitcoin’s fair price is $6,000

Byte Tree portal’s meters show that bitcoin’s reasonable price is around the level of $6,062. The price is calculated based on data of NVT indicator which is the ratio of market capitalization to network activity.

ForkLog analyst think that the price is quite realistic because a number of indicators point at bearish moods in the market, and the fear index is far from extreme figures.

We do not have much time left to buy bitcoin at low price

This is the opinion of Twitter-analyst Cole Gamer. He points out to Hash Ribbons indicator that signals the coming decrease of bitcoin’s network hash rate and consequently, the drop in its price. According to Cole Gamer, miners will be getting rid of the coins and the rate decrease will only stop around the level of $6,400, where large investors made their purchases.

The analyst warns that this will be the last chance to buy bitcoin at such a low price.

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