Kraken is confident that the main cryptocurrency will grow to $90,000

Analysts of the Kraken crypto platform predicted the growth of the first crypto coin to $90,000, and Ethereum to $15,000. This is stated in a new report from the company.

According to experts, March turned out to be quite successful for BTC; in the last month alone, the first crypto coin grew by 30%. This is the sixth consecutive bullish month for Bitcoin.

Analysts believe that BTC will rise in April, as it has historically been a very good month for the main cryptocurrency. In past years, in April, the price of bitcoin grew by an average of 51%.

If this trend strengthens, BTC may rise in price to $90,000 in April. However, experts admit a correction and a possible drop in bitcoin by $10'000 or $ 15'000.

But analysts are more positive about the price of ETH. They believe that the coin can grow by 700%, up to $15,200.




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