Leading stock exchanges began the process of excluding TOP-3 Ripple coin, while the White House authorities would like to regulate stablecoins

International mastodons to XPR: how close the edge?

Both Jump Trading and Galaxy Digital, well-named and influential stock-players decided to suspend all the business processes with Ripple. The companies declared that all the transactions with Ripple were blocked for now. More than that, the same decision made Simplex payment system and marketplace for digital assets OSL.

Honestly, there is no surprise. Such decision is all about latest news: SEC will have a court against Ripple company. It seemed that the stumbling block is illegal ICO with 1.3$ billions profitable.

The Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse claimed that lawsuit as a real offensive and threat to all cryptoindustry.

«We are not trading but will continue to evaluate as facts become available», a spokesperson from Galaxy told The Block.

White House authorities: «the stablecoins should be regulated»

The USA president’s Financial Markets working group has declared the statement, in which all the regulatory and supervisory changes concerning stablecoins were included.

The members of the working group including Justin George Muzinich, who is currently serving as the United States Deputy Secretary of the Treasury, has mentioned that regulatory framework is highly needed for stablecoins.

The latest report from experts drafted stablecoins operators have to proceed AML laws and principles. The KYC principle is also included for all transactions with cryptocurrency.

«The statement reflects a commitment to both promote the important benefits of innovation and to achieve critical objectives related to national security and financial stability. Regulators will continue to look closely at stablecoin arrangements and look forward to a future dialogue on these issues», said Justin Muzinich.

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