Messari reports a significant increase in investments in the crypto market

In the first 6 months of this year, the amount of investment in the digital asset market amounted to $30.3 billion. As Messari analysts noted, this is more than in the entire past year.

Experts believe that despite the problems with centralized platforms in the second quarter, investors are still interested in this direction. The amount of raised funding reached $10.2 billion, ahead of the DeFi sector, Web3 and the field of non-fungible tokens.

The Messari report states that the upward trend in investment in cryptocurrency projects is sustainable. Traditional and crypto funds have raised almost $40 billion this year, up from $19 billion last year.

The digital asset industry still has a lot of potential, which is why investors are mainly focused on early-stage startups.

CoinShares notes that last week there was again an influx of funds into crypto funds for institutionals, and ETH funds have already recorded their seventh week with a positive balance.

The behavior of institutional investors is quite logical in connection with the expectations of the upcoming transition of Ethereum to Proof-of-Stake. In just a week, $16.3 million was invested in products based on the second most popular crypto coin.

Meanwhile, $8.5 million was withdrawn from BTC funds, but this does not prevent crypto market participants from voicing positive forecasts regarding bitcoin.

A well-known crypto analyst under the nickname InvestAnswers attributes the influx of investments in digital currencies from BlackRock clients to the explosive growth of the main crypto coin to $773,000. Coinbase and BlackRock became partners last week. Clients of the asset management company will have the opportunity to trade cryptocurrencies.

“If BlackRock places 0.5% of its assets in BTC, then, taking into account leverage, the capitalization of bitcoin will increase by $1.05 trillion, which means an increase in the rate by $75,000. That is, the growth will be 326% of the current price, and this, I think, is very likely. If BlackRock clients stake 1% of their assets, then capitalization will increase by $2.1 trillion, and bitcoin will reach $173,000. Well, if BlackRock places 5% of its assets, according to Dan Tapiero (investor, founder of Gold Bullion International), then the bitcoin rate will reach $773,000. Although I think it’s too aggressive, but probably within 3–5 years,” the analyst said.

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