MicroStrategy has earned $100 million in 2 months from Bitcoin, and crypto hackers compromised Trump’s website

MicroStrategy has earned $100 million in 2 months from Bitcoin

MicroStrategy has earned more in two months from its Bitcoin investment than it did through its actual business for the last three years.

Analyst Kevin Rooke has calculated that the company’s reserves of 38,250 BTC at the time of purchase in August and September were estimated at about $425 million. As a result of the recent jump in the price to $ 13,745, crypto assets have risen in price to $525 million.

MicroStrategy has earned only $78 million in net profit from its commercial activities since 2017, according to the researcher.

The number of unconfirmed transactions in the Bitcoin network at highest level

The Bitcoin network has slowed down amid new price peaks.

According to Blockchain.com, on October 27, the number of unconfirmed Bitcoin transactions surpassed 100,000. This is the highest level since the end of 2017, when the price of bitcoin was at an all-time high near $20,000.

Then the indicator reached 180,000 transactions. The volume of unconfirmed transactions is growing against the background of the BTC price reaching new multi-month highs. On October 27, the first cryptocurrency rose in price to $ 13'840 dollars, updating the peak of two and a half years on a number of exchanges.

Hackers compromised Trump’s website touting crypto scam

US President Donald Trump’s campaign website was briefly compromised.

On October 27, hackers posted messages that they had compromising information on Trump and his family. Cybercriminals said they had hacked “multiple devices”, gaining access to the “most internal and secret conversations” of the president and his inner circle.

Visitors to the site were given a choice: they could either donate Monero to a wallet that would prompt hackers to “share data”, or to another wallet asking them to keep it private.

The attackers accused the Trump administration of spreading COVID-19 and collaborating with “foreign actors manipulating the 2020 elections.”

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