Monitoring functionality

Today we will talk about the anonymity of exchangers and BestChange monitoring. Most exchange offices and our service work confidentially, taking care of the safety of your finances.

• We do not have registration on the site. By going to BestChange, you will see the courses you need and find the right option from the list.

• Lack of verification. BestChange does not store funds or provide transaction facilities. We do not have regular requirements for KYC/AML checks, but the exchangers included in the monitoring are required to undergo these procedures for security.

• We mark exchangers whose websites require verification. If the client needs to leave some personal data, then on BestChange, you will see special symbols next to the exchanger’s website.

• We do not store your data and do not share it with anyone: emails you specify when requesting technical support or analysis of user behavior when entering “captcha”.

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