More than 50% of organizations are ready to invest in BTC, and bitcoin can rise in price 10 times

More than half of companies announced their readiness to invest in cryptocurrencies

Potential capital growth is a key prerequisite for such investments. This was reported by 47% of survey participants. Nearly 45% of those surveyed reported an increasing focus on digital currencies among large companies. 41% of respondents were previously hindered by the ambiguity of the regulatory framework, but now the situation has improved.

“There is no doubt that the cryptoassets market is becoming more mainstream in the institutional and wealth management sectors,” said Henry Howell, Head of Business Development at Nickel.

Opinion: BTC could rise in price 10 times

The CEO of the investment bank believes that the authorities of different states will definitely establish supervision over bitcoin. And this to some extent will allow to limit it.

“I don’t really care about Bitcoin. People spend too much time and energy on it. Whether regulation will wipe out the first cryptocurrency, I don’t know. The authorities will set a framework anyway. This does not mean that bitcoin is not able to rise in value tenfold in the next five years. But if you invest borrowed money, then you are a complete fool. Speculation occurs in any market, even in communist countries. There is a lot of liquidity now, I will not be surprised at anything,” said Dimon.

Kraken will pay $1.2 million in fines

The regulator claims that the platform provided access to margin trading, while the company did not go through the approval procedure for such actions. According to the commission, Kraken was in breach of registration requirements from the beginning of last summer to July this year. In this case, the violation has already been eliminated.

“As the requirements become more urgent, the Commission needs to revise them to provide market participants with certainty and a common understanding of the rules,” said CFTC Commissioner Dawn Stump.



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