Netflix will buy bitcoins, and the creator of EOS launches a decentralized social network

Netflix will be the next BTC buyer

Popular streaming service Netflix is ready to buy bitcoins. The decision is dictated by the policy of the reserve management service. This opinion was expressed by venture investor Tim Draper.

“You know who it might be? Netflix. I think [CEO] Reed Hastings is a very innovative guy and has a lot of creative thinking and I think he still controls the reins at Netflix and so I think that might be the next big one to fall, ” Draper said.

The entrepreneur also believes that the largest trading platform Amazon will add BTC as a means of payment. He noted that customers of the marketplace have been buying goods using cryptocurrencies indirectly for a long time.

EOS creator launches decentralized social network Clarion

EOS developer Dan Larimer announced the launch of the decentralized social networking project Clarion. The goal of the project is to create decentralized networks that allow people to communicate without relying on intermediaries.

“Clarion OS is just getting started and is in the early design stage. We are assembling a team of developers to build the first prototypes. This project will be developed in the open and welcomes contributions from anyone interested in restoring the internet to the level of logical decentralization that was intended before Big Tech locked us into their services and stopped producing tools that empower people,” Larimer wrote in the GitHub community.

According to the developer, he took into account the mistakes associated with his early projects. Clarion will support text and video messaging, voice chats and the ability to publish content.

Survey: 11% of institutions said their company trades or invests in cryptocurrencies

JPMorgan analysts surveyed more than 3,000 respondents from 1,500 financial institutions. Researchers have found that most institutional investors are not willing to invest or trade digital currencies.

11% of respondents indicated that their company trades or invests in cryptocurrency assets. 22% of respondents answered that they consider it possible to engage in cryptocurrency transactions.

14% of survey participants believe that the cryptocurrency market will collapse, and 7% of those surveyed said that cryptocurrencies will become the most important assets. 58% of respondents are confident that digital assets will be a permanent feature in the financial markets. 21% of the surveyed said that cryptocurrencies are of temporary nature.




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