NFT mentions are breaking records, and a well-known investor regretted the premature sale of bitcoins

NFT searches hit a record high

According to The Block Research, the number of searches for non-fungible tokens in the Google search engine has reached an all-time high. According to NFT Non-Fungible data for 2020, the industry has grown by 300% compared to the previous period, and the volume of this market has increased by about $ 250 million.

The number of weekly users of NFT platforms also testifies to the growth of attention. Over the past week, it amounted to almost 400,000 people.

Not only media and ordinary investors show interest in NFT, but also media personalities. Elon Musk previously announced his readiness to sell his NFT token for 420 million dogecoins.

A well-known financial consultant admitted that he was wrong with his bitcoin strategy

Stock market star Dave Portnoy wrote on his Twitter page that he made the mistake of selling his BTC too early. In his words, the investor did not understand the dynamics of the growth and fall of the most popular crypto coin.

Earlier, the founder of Barstool Sports acquired BTC for $1 million. However, he quickly became disillusioned with this asset and sold bitcoins at a price below $12,000.

“I want to congratulate all my bitcoin people out there. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. I fucking paper-handed, sold it. I fucking can’t take bitcoin, the ups and downs. I wish I had it. I took all my money and I put it in what I think I know, and what I can control. I don’t know bitcoin. I fucked up, ”Portnoy said in his video message to crypto enthusiasts.

JPMorgan: retail investors are more interested in bitcoin than institutional ones

Analysts at JPMorgan concluded that in the first three months of 2021, retail investment in BTC exceeded that of institutional investors. The latter began to buy less cryptocurrency.

Analysts do not exclude that a decrease in the volume of investments from institutions may be one of the reasons that bitcoin could not stay above the $60,000 mark. According to JPMorgan, retail investors bought over 187,000 BTC, while institutional investors bought about 172,684 BTC.

According to the Japanese investment company Mizuho Securities, about $40 billion of the $380 billion that American citizens will receive in the form of incentive payments can be invested in bitcoins and stocks.



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