Number of Bitcoin whales reaches a record, and Monero price has updated its two-year high

$1 billion was transferred in the Bitcoin network with a commission of $3.5

An unknown sender transferred 88,857 BTC (about $ 1.15 billion) with a commission of 0.00027847 BTC (about $3.5). The transaction was made by one of the largest existing bitcoin wallets.

According to the Whale Alert portal, the address was created on August 7 and belongs to the custodian service of the Xapo wallet. Transfers for similar large amounts were previously made by the Bitfinex ($1.1 billion at the time of transfer) and Binance ($1.26 billion at the time of transfer) exchanges.

A record transaction in Bitcoins was made by the Mt. Gox exchange. In 2011, it transferred 550,000 BTC worth about $1.32 million — today such volume of coins would be estimated at $7 billion.

The number of bitcoin whales reaches a record

On October 20, the number of addresses with a balance of more than 1,000 BTC reached 2,178, and on October 25, it increased to 2,231. At current prices, 1,000 BTC is equivalent to approximately $13 million.

Based on this data, large holders control at least 2.23 million coins — 12% of all mined bitcoins. However, according to the BitcoinCharts service, addresses with a balance of over 1,000 BTC own a much larger amount — 7.9 million coins, which is 42% of the total amount of bitcoins.

Monero price reaches its two-year high

On trading this Monday, the altcoin climbed to $139, gaining more than 50% over the past seven weeks. This could have been facilitated by the attention of regulators to the anonymous cryptocurrency, said Omkar Godbole, an analyst at Coindesk.

A month ago, the IRS announced a competition to develop a platform for tracking transactions in Monero. Europol later called confidential cryptocurrencies and other anonymity-enhancing technologies as “top threats.”



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