OKCoin plans to delist Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV, and the price of ETH has risen above $2,000

OKCoin plans to delist Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV

The largest cryptocurrency platform OKCoin has planned to delist Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin SV. According to the CEO of Hong Fang, new users of OKCoin often come to invest in BTC, but by mistake they buy BCH or BSV.

Among other reasons for the failure of bitcoin forks — a controversial figure of the creator of BSV Craig Wright. The entrepreneur has already stated that it was he who created bitcoin.

“This is not an easy decision. We had a choice and there is collateral damage, but we had to stand up for the bigger principle we believe in. On the one hand we feel very strongly about protecting the open-source ethos, but on the other, if we do something about it, that would conflict with our principle of being a neutral platform. We wouldn’t have changed that if it weren’t for Craig Wright posting these threats to the open-source dev community. We think these threats are very destructive to development and Bitcoin as a whole,” - Fang said.

The price of ETH has renewed the historical maximum

The price of Ethereum for the first time exceeded the mark of $2,000. Since the beginning of 2021, the price of the second most popular cryptocurrency has increased by almost 170%.

Analysts believe that minimum three reasons are behind such a jump in the rate of ETH: the boom of DeFi projects, the development of Ethereum 2.0 and the launch of CME Group traded futures on ETH. Also, at the end of January, information about Grayscale plans to renew the placement of shares with Ethereum appeared.

Besides, earlier Galaxy Digital announced the launch of funds on the basis of ETH. The company positions ethereum as an asset with great potential for growth. In Galaxy Digital, it is certain that this year will become a year of growth in ETH popularity among institutional investors.



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