Pavel Durov stored his bitcoins on the closed-down WEX exchange, bitcoin is expected to hit $12,000, and the best ways to invest in BTC

Pavel Durov stored bitcoins on the closed-down WEX exchange

A file with a database of WEX crypto-exchange clients is being distributed on the internet. The users found Pavel Durov’s email in the document, which he also used when registering Telegram legal entities.

According to the database, the founder of the messenger stored 2,070 BTC on the exchange. Two years ago Durov said that in 2013 he did buy 2,000 bitcoins.

WEX is the successor of BTC-e platform. In 2018 WEX ceased functioning and the clients lost their funds.

Bitcoin is expected to hit $12,000

Benjamin Blunts, popular Twitter-analyst, thinks tat bitcoin is going to reach $12,000 within the next weeks. At the same time, according to him, altcoins are not going to follow the world’s first cryptocurrency.

“Sooner or later btc is gonna chad straight up to 12k. The question is are you gonna be in it or left on the sides with heavy bags of alts while it happens”, — the trader wrote in his account.

Benjamin attached an image with the formation of a falling wedge. The growth to the specified level would start it case of breaking the mark of $8,800.

Binance exchange named the best strategy of investing in bitcoin

Analytics of Binance, the world’s largest crypto platform said that “hodling” is the most profitable strategy of working with bitcoin.

“Hodl” is a strategy of long-term keeping of cryptocurrency, despite any price drawdowns.

Binance Research published a chart in their Twitter-account which shows how the days with the maximum increase in the value of bitcoin affected the annual result.

For example, on 7 December 2017 BTC showed the highest daily absolute price increase — for $3,608 (25%).

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