Problems at BitMEX and Deribit exchanges — data leak and users’ financial losses

BitMEX exchange leaked user data

This morning some BitMEX users received emails, which contained the email addresses of other users. The exchange representatives have already reported about containing the issue, but the full scale of the issue is not yet known.

The news about data leak prompted immediate reaction from the other crypto market players. Binance exchange tweeted to its users urging them to change their email address if it is used on several exchanges.

Losses of Deribit exchange users amount to over $1,3 million

A glitch took place on Deribit exchange on October, 31 which triggered bitcoin flash crash on the exchange down to $7,700. This crash cost the platform’s users over $1,300,000 in losses.

The management of the exchange acknowledged their mistake and is ready to reimburse the losses to all their users. Remarkably, but compensation will be covered by Deribit’s own means and not the insurance fund. They explained in Twitter that an outlier that was not to participate in BTC/USD rate calculations, should have been excluded from the index, therefore the losses will be refunded by the firm.

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