Ripple: 76% of international financial institutions want to introduce crypto assets into their business

2 min readJul 15, 2022


76% of global companies operating in the financial market intend to implement digital currencies in their business. This can happen within the next three years if the legislation in their countries is loyal to crypto assets, according to Ripple.

More than 1,600 heads of financial and commercial enterprises from 22 countries took part in the survey. In addition, blockchain developers and industry experts were interviewed.

85% of respondents agree that CBDCs will be launched in their countries within the next four years. Most of the participants in the study believe that government digital currencies will significantly affect the scope of their activities, finances and people.

Financial market players are confident that the integration of CBDC will increase the efficiency of payments. More than 70% of study participants are optimistic about the integration of digital assets over the next three years.

The majority of respondents believe that cryptocurrencies will have a “significant” or “massive” impact on their activities.

Meanwhile, the SEC seems to be able to accommodate representatives of the crypto industry. The American regulator is ready to adapt information disclosure taking into account the interests of digital asset market players, while protecting investors. This statement was made by the head of department Gary Gensler.

“I told the industry, lending and trading platforms: come talk to us. We also have strong authority from Congress to use our exclusive powers so that we can tailor investor protection,” the official said.

At the same time, Gensler repeated the warning about the fact that many crypto companies “do not meet the requirements”, without naming any of them. Probably, we are talking about projects that offer unregistered securities.