Rothschild’s structure has increased positions in BTC, while European Union may prohibit anonymous wallets

Rothschild’s are strengthening positions in BTC

Rothschild Investment Corp, which rules the main assets (total value is about $1 billion), has increased its investments in BTC. Starting from April 2021, the investments in BTC through Grayscale GBTC raised to 3 times.

According to SEC, Rothschild Investment Corp owns 141’405 stocks Grayscale Bitcoin Trust. 5 months ago, during the active phase of the crypto rally, the total sum of company stocks was less than 39 thousand. The assets Rothschild Investment Corp are closely priced at $4,1 million.

Besides, Rothschild Investment Corp has invested in Grayscale Ethereum Trust, buying 6’244 stocks. It seems the recent long-term falling of the whole crypto market does not affect Rothschild Investment Corp. top managers.

Anonymous wallets are under the surveillance of the EU

The European Commission has prepared a bill, which potentially would prohibit of using anonymous wallets. According to amendments to EU legislation, the companies may be forced to track personal information, for example, the user’s name and address, about the senders of transfers and their addressees during any operations with digital assets.

According to Viktor Pershikov, an analyst at 8848 Invest, such changes in legislation would affect the operation of cryptocurrency exchanges, exchangers and other companies working in this area.

“Possible Deanonymization of private crypto transfers between users looks like an unrealistic task, only if they do not leave the so-called “Breadcrumbs” by which a wallet can be identified and tied to a particular person,” Pershikov explained.




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