📈 Statistics on BestChange: how to benefit from it?

Of course, you can simply choose a payment direction and visit the first exchanger in the monitor’s list — and this already will be more profitable and safer than finding an exchanger through a search engine. But you can spend a little bit more time, within one minute, and try to make an exchange even more profitable.

For this purpose, we suggest you use the tab “Statistics” after selecting a trading pair. Here we show indicators connected with this pair for the last time, which will help make certain conclusions:

📊 Exchange rate fluctuations — will help choose the best moment for closing a deal. For example, if there are suspicions of a pump oк dump, and it makes sense to wait for a few hours for the rate to stabilize.

📊 Total reserve fluctuations — shows how much of actives there were in exchangers at a certain time. It is a good indicator for demand.

📊 Exchange popularity fluctuations — the more actively the users exchange funds, the higher the exchange volatility will be.

You can choose a period for the fluctuations to display, from one hour to one year.

Use the statistics function and exchange only on profitable conditions!



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