Survey: Family wealth managers said they are actively investing in crypto assets

2 min readJun 19, 2024


According to the results of a study conducted by experts from Bank of New York Mellon, family wealth management companies allocate about 5% of their investment portfolios to digital currencies. The bank’s analysts, together with the Harris Poll, surveyed representatives of 189 family offices managing capital from $250 million to $5 billion.

Almost 40% of survey participants stated that they are actively investing in crypto assets and intend to increase their investments. 38% of respondents are not interested in such tools, and 30% are in the “golden mean”, looking closely at digital assets.

About 55% of respondents choose ETFs that are tied to cryptocurrencies, and 54% prefer to trade digital currencies directly on specialized platforms. 57% of family offices that are loyal to crypto assets want to know about new investment trends.

30% consider digital coins an excellent tool to protect capital from inflation. Another 30% attributed their interest in the industry to the influence of youth.

Obstacles to investing in cryptocurrencies are attacks by hackers and cybercriminals, lack of certainty regarding market regulation and high volatility of cryptocurrencies.

Representatives of family offices pay particular attention to artificial intelligence, BNY Mellon analysts noted. Almost 80% of respondents plan to invest in AI in the next 5 years.

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