Terrorists are earning with the help of cryptocurrency, bitcoin futures gain popularity, and $1 billion in BTC has been transferred for less than $4 commission

CME: more and more investors are trading bitcoin futures

Chicago Mercantile Exchange CME Group announced that the volume of opened bitcoin futures has increased by 61% in comparison with last year because of the strong interest of institutional investors.

The exchange stated that despite the fact that Bitcoin has dropped almost 25% in price in Q3, open interest to bitcoin futures dropped only 1% in comparison to the previous quarter.

Cryptocurencies are used for financing terrorism, Security Council of Russia believes

Yury Kokov, Deputy Secretary of the Russian Security Council said that cryptocurrencies and other digital technologies more often become the source of income for terrorist organizations.

“Terrorists are actively using cryptocurrencies and international humanitarian Muslim funds to financing their activity. Companies they control speculate on stock exchanges, invest in real estate, in a number of legal branches of economy, participate in criminal business on the territory of different countries”, — Kokov said.

$900 mln in bitcoins was transferred with less than $4 commission

Nejc Kodrič, the CEO of Bitstamp, tweeted that 112,027 BTC (about $933 at the current rate) were transferred in blockchain.

Kodrič said that the transaction commission was just $3,89, which is about the price of a cup of coffee.

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