The Central Bank of Mexico compared BTC transactions with barter, and CryptoQuant is confident that BTC will grow

The governor of the Mexican regulator believes that transactions with BTC are similar to barter

According to the governor of the Mexican Central Bank, BTC is a high-risk investment. De Leon believes that in the near future, Mexico will not follow the example of El Salvador and will not grant bitcoin the status of a legal payment instrument.

“Whoever receives bitcoin in exchange for a good or service, we believe that (transaction) is more akin to bartering because that person is exchanging a good for a good, but not really money for a good,” de Leon said.

American billionaire: if you don’t understand bitcoin it means you are old

“If you don’t understand Bitcoin, it means you are old. I am 78 years old. I am old. I do not understand this. I would be very careful with BTC,” said Kuperman.

The head of the Central Bank of Sweden, Stefan Ingves, also spoke about bitcoin. He stated that private currencies will crash anyway and compared transactions with BTC transactions with trading in postage stamps.

Analyst announced further growth of BTC

Ki Yong Joo believes this may indicate the intention of bitcoin investors “to open new margin positions.” The CEO of CryptoQuant is confident that after such movements, the bitcoin rate will grow.

“The positions of the whales seem to be long,” the analyst noted.



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