The Central Bank of Russia will launch a digital ruble, but will not peg it to cryptocurrencies

Central Bank of the Russian Federation: digital ruble will not be an alternative to cryptocurrencies

The Central bank of Russia is going to independently issue digital rubles, which will not become an analogue of crypto coins. Digital rubles will be the third form of money, said Deputy Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Alexei Zabotkin.

“The digital ruble of the Central Bank possesses such properties of money as its recognition as a universal means of payment, the ability to exchange it for other forms of national currency in a 1: 1 ratio. Private cryptocurrencies are deprived of these properties, ” Zabotkin said.

According to him, the new currency will be put into circulation along with cash and non-cash money. It is also planned to launch a hybrid platform based on blockchain and centralized technologies.

This will guarantee the confidentiality of information about transactions. However, the new platform is unlikely to offer anonymity.

Most PayPal customers are willing to pay with Bitcoin

According to a study by Mizuho, 65% of PayPal customers are ready to pay with Bitcoin at 28 million points of sale.

One fifth of customers have already made transactions with BTC in the PayPal application.
On average, BTC traders used the service 3 times more often than other users. They have high account balances and crypto enthusiasts are showing more interest in the additional features of the service.

“Bitcoin ripping in part because PayPal and Square are buying loads of it to facilitate customer trading,” wrote Michael Santoli, senior market commentator at CNBC, who shared the report.




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