The co-founder of Ethereum allows the resurrection of the digital prediction industry through the use of artificial intelligence

2 min readJan 31, 2024

Vitalik Buterin voiced four probable scenarios for the joint development of digital currencies and artificial intelligence. He mentioned technologies that have appeared recently.

The crypto enthusiast is confident that the advantages of the two developments are obvious to many. For example, blockchain can solve the problem of centralizing artificial intelligence, guaranteeing transparency of operations, and ensuring the storage and security of information.

But only with the emergence of large language models and strong scaling solutions in the cryptocurrency industry did real prospects for the introduction of artificial intelligence appear, Buterin believes.

He considers the most viable opportunities to use AI as an actor. For example, the revival of the direction of decentralized forecasts. Truly respected experts are still not entering this field due to poor monetization.

According to Buterin, due to their massive scale, cheap-to-operate AI-based “participants” are capable of creating a serious forecast market. Human participation in it will be necessary only in difficult cases for arbitration.

The use of artificial intelligence in the interfaces of blockchain applications implies assistance to users. The co-founder of Ethereum assesses such interaction between technologies as promising, but somewhat risky.

But the scenario of using AI as an arbiter in the context of making subjective decisions carries certain threats, the expert believes. This is due to the difficulties of developing machine learning.

“If an AI model that plays a key role in a mechanism is closed, you can’t verify its inner workings, and so it’s no better than a centralized application. If the AI model is open, then an attacker can download and simulate it locally, and design heavily optimized attacks to trick the model, which they can then replay on the live network,” the expert explained.

Buterin considers the option of using AI as the “goal of the game” to be “very intriguing.” The crypto enthusiast explained that we are talking about the launch of blockchains, DAOs and other tools that can support different scenarios for using neural networks. What do you think about this?