The most convenient ways to buy digital currency

2 min readAug 11, 2022

Within the framework of the BestChange monitor, it is very easy to select options of exchangers with support of required fiat and cryptocurrency. All what’s left to do is to determine what way will be the most profitable and convenient. Let’s review their features, choosing for example the purchase of bitcoin.

💲 You can use stablecoins — cryptocurrencies pegged to fiat currency — for purchasing. For example, USDT, which is always equal to $1. But for this, you need to have these assets on an exchange or crypto wallet.

💲 Payment systems — these are ideal for active users of internet-services. Perhaps the easiest way is to pay for an order with Qiwi or YooMoney without leaving the browser.

💲 Banks and cards are also rather convenient, because almost every citizen has an account or a bank card. But there are exclusions if the client wants to make a purchase anonymously.

💲 Cash — as a rule, this is used to ensure maximal anonymity when exchanging large amounts. You will need to visit the exchanger’s office (sometimes the exchanger employees can come to the client).

On BestChange, you can find even exchangers with support of business accounts or MoneyGram transfers. So, every user without exclusion can find a convenient option.