Tips from a professional trader Alexander Gerchik

Exchange trading is an entrepreneurial profession which requires you to risk money. We have gathered several pieces of advice from a professional trader Alexander Gerchik. Perhaps, some of them will help you!

✅ Work yourself and think yourself. Mostly, the progress comes when you perform analysis on your own, form your own hypothesis and rely on making your own decisions.

✅ Studying of other people’s work is a part of a trader’s education, and there are lots of publicly available ideas which become components of a successful trading plan.

✅ Be a sceptic. Look for a proof for any trading idea you are interested in, including those you invent yourself.

✅ Keep a trade log and learn from past experience, do it regardless of your current approach.

✅ Be patient. Trading on exchanges is a profession in which you can lose money any day and not earn it. “Salary” is not guaranteed here. Some traders work for years without profit before getting on their feet.



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