Today we will talk about what Terms of Service of an exchanger must contain

There are lots of indicators to tell a high-quality and righteous service from a low-quality one. We always pay attention to an exchanger having proper terms of service before adding the exchanger to our listing. The link to the terms must be located in a visible place.

What must be in Terms of Service?

  1. Confidentiality policy and user data policy are obligatory.
  2. Ways of providing informative support to the client after paying for the order.
  3. Conditions which need to be met for submitting an order.
  4. Ways of solving the problems connected with blocking the transactions or accounts by a bank, entering wrong details, etc.
  5. Maximal time for the client to pay for an order.
  6. Conditions on which the rate is fixed. For example, during 30 minutes after submitting an order, or not fixing at all and being calculated at the moment of the payout.

Remember that Terms of Service is not the only indicator of an exchanger’s honesty.

Помните, что наличие регламента — это не единственный признак честности клиента. However, its presence allows you to understand the absence of pitfalls in the operation of the service, and you can also see transparently all the conditions of the service.

Do you still have questions? You can always write to us to our support service 👉



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