Today’s crypto market is full of opportunities, the experts believe

2 min readJul 25, 2022

People who failed the opportunity to become a part of crypto society analyse BTC price and conclude the train has gone and it’s too late to invest in digital assets. The point of view is stated in a joint study by Boston Consulting Group, Bitget and Foresight Ventures. Experts believe the crypto industry is still at the initial stage of mass adoption.

The analysts note the total digital assets distribution is rather poor, compared with traditional assets. Market makers invest only 0.3% of the individual capital in crypto and near 25% in equities.

So far, such a weak involvement of investment means there are enough opportunities in the crypto market for widespread adoption. Analysts believe the industry is aimed for “big growth.”

On the contrary, Silvergate CEO Alan Lane believes the crisis in the digital asset market is not over. According to his opinion, over the next months, trading platforms and crypto funds will face some problems.

“But as it’s ordinary happened, everything would find its end, so the crypto society will just wait for what will be the next catalyst for the rise or fall in the value of cryptocurrencies,” Lane said.

The CEO of Silvergate believes the comparison of the current falling digital asset market with last year’s market is incorrect, as we have to bear in mind the economic reset as cryptocurrencies continue to decline amid rates of growth and inflation.

Total transfer volume in USD grew by almost 35%, while net income increased by 85% in Q2 2022 compared to the previous year according to Silvergate. Alan Lane states the key to the success of the platform holding the company’s course of following a solid strategy.

“The chasing for fashion trend is not our path, as we’re focusing on what we do well, which is, in fact, just solving customer problems,” said Silvergate CEO.