Top 5 Rare Facts about Bitcoin Cryptocurrency

Most crypto enthusiasts must have probably come across unusual stories about cryptocurrencies. For instance, how an American Laszlo Hanyecz bought a pizza for 10 000 coins in 2010. In this article we will touch upon 5 unbelievable facts about BTC cryptocurrency.

5. Launch of a game about mining digital currencies

A Byelorussian company “Boolba Entertainment” will launch a mining activity simulator in 2019. Within the game a crypto ecosystem will be created where the player will have to build their own farm, pay for electricity, buy goods for digital means and so on.

If the virtual miner won’t be able to solve the game’s tasks, he may choose to sell their own kidney — an option kindly provided by the game developers.

4. Bitcoins can be earned by simply playing Counter Strike

Indeed, the dream of lots of school kids, spending hours behind the computer and playing Counter Strike, came true. Thanks to the most famous cryptocurrency and Leetcoin project that is currently being beta-tested, it is possible now to play the favorite game whilst earning bitcoin.

3. An attempt to create physical BTC coins

Casascius is a physical equivalent of bitcoins. The tokens are colored yellow and have a Bitcoin sign. It is them you see in the pictures that are to do with digital currencies on the internet.

These items also serve well as a cold storage for cryptocurrencies. Each coin has a “private key” to the digital equivalent on the inside, underneath the hologram. Unfortunately, the product didn’t gain popularity among crypto enthusiasts.

2. Multiple-fold increase of bitcoin price

BTC is the fastest growing asset in the world. During the period between 2010 and 2017 its price has increased 879 999-fold. Nonetheless, the fast growth in price also has negative sides. Thus, the largest drop in price of this crypto-asset took place in the middle of spring 2013. The drop in price constituted 80 per cent.

1. Lamborghini’s trust in bitcoins

You must be familiar with such a popular auto company as Lamborghini. So, this auto corporation is one of the first organizations that started accepting bitcoins officially when making deals with their clients.

The torch was taken up by the company Skycraft Airplanes which specializes in producing sport airplanes.

However, the interest to bitcoins from large companies did not stop there. There’s information that soon BTC coins will even be used as payment for space flights. For instance, such are the plans of Orion Span project.

That is our top 5 unusual facts about bitcoin cryptocurrency. Comment down below which fact you found most interesting. Also, you can tell about your unusual situations connected with digital currencies.

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