Twitter crypto analysts reflect on BTC and ETH price development

Will bitcoin surge two-fold by May 2020?

PlanB, popular crypto analyst, tweeted that there’s 60months before the bitcoin halving.

In 2012 bitcoin price jumped from $5 to $12 (2.3x) in the 6 months before the halving. Similar growth took place in 2016: then btc jumped from $350 to $650 (1.7x).

The analysts expect the situation can recur this time as well. In this case by May 2020 the price can jump to $13 600–18 400.

Ethereum starts growing explosively. Why?

According to Bitcoin Jack,Twitter analyist, cryptocurrency Ethereum tested the bottom and in several day will enter the phase of a new parabolic price growth.

The trader overlapped ETH/USD quotes over the charts of a classic financial bubble and specified that the cryptocurrency is in the phase of “Distrust”, after which a new bubble will start.

The analyst thinks that by December the price will grow up to $400 from the current $180, and in the autumn of 2020 will come back to its maximum at the level of $1,400.

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