USDT capitalization exceeds $6 billion, and 5,500 BTC were moved to Binance

For the first time, Tether capitalization exceeded $6 billion

For the first time, the total value of all issued USDT coins exceeded the $6 billion mark — at the moment, the figure is $6.181 billion.

According to the level of capitalization, Tether stablecoin is on the fourth place among all cryptocurrencies. Only Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP are ahead of it.

Most of the coins (about $4 billion) were issued on the ETH blockchain. Earlier, analysts noted that a slight delay in issuing new USDT tokens led to an increase in bitcoin price.

5,500 BTC moved to Binance

An unknown address sent 5,500 BTC (about $33.8 million) to the Binance platform, according to the service Whale Alert. Representatives of the exchange have not yet confirmed that this was their internal transactions, therefore, the crypto community is afraid of new sales.

On March 29 and 30, two more transactions of 1,000 BTC were made to the Binance and Bitfinex platforms. In early March, when the price of bitcoin fell below $4,000, Whale Alert also registered large deposits on exchanges. Twitter users predict that selling so many coins will trigger a new drop in the price of the first cryptocurrency.

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