Using is as easy as pie to find the most profitable exchange rates

2 min readSep 6, 2021


💸There are no doubts that the monitor is an effective way to watch profitable rates of exchange. But sometimes somebody prefers to use the same exchanger only because they think that the monitor is a hassle and waste of time. Today we will prove that using takes no more than a minute.

How to work with the monitor:


2️⃣In the column on the left choose the currency you give

3️⃣To the right, select the currency you get

4️⃣You will see all the offers for this exchange direction. Select the best one

5️⃣Visit the exchanger’s website clicking on its name. Exchange the money

6️⃣ If you have time and wish to do so, return to and leave a review — this will help other users

As a result, you have done just a few clicks, but have received the best exchange rate possible, consequently, you have saved up. Exchange rates in exchanger constantly change, we update this information every five seconds, so rest assured of its relevance. doesn’t require registration or verification. The process of rates comparison is fully automatic and includes commissions. You can sort exchangers by needed parameters, in particular, by location for exchanges with cash.

On-line technical support will help with any questions.