Visa connects to USD Coin stablecoin, and insiders are ‘very optimistic’ about how fast Eth2 will unfold

Visa connects to USD Coin stablecoin

Visa payment system connected its international network to USD Coin. It is a stablecoin developed by Circle. There are plans to issue a credit card that will directly accept USDC as a payment method.

The card will allow making international transactions in USDC, after which the recipient will be able to convert the stablecoin into the national currency and spend the funds anywhere where Visa works.

Visa will not start storing stablecoin on its own. The company will connect selected card issuers to the USDC software.

Joseph Lubin says insiders are ‘very optimistic’ about how fast Eth2 will unfold

Joseph Lubin, ConsenSys founder and Ethereum contributor, believes Eth2’s development will move at a high speed, predicting the new protocol will “absorb” Ethereum in “the not-too-distant future”

Joseph Lubin says insiders are ‘very optimistic’ about how fast Eth2 will unfold.

“People in the know around the ecosystem are very optimistic about how fast things could unfold, as the really complicated work has been done in launching Phase 0,” he said.

While the Eth2 rollout was believed to be occurring in strictly regimented “phases,” Lubin emphasized that the other aspects of Eth2’s rollout are “proceeding in parallel” — meaning upgrades to the protocol may come much sooner than many onlookers are expecting.

Lubin predicted that Eth2’s next phase will come online between nine and 12 months from now. He asserted the coming increase in the amount of data availability will enable layer-two networks to “massively increase the amount of transactions per second throughput that they can offer.”




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