Visa gets interested in cryptocurrency, and an Asian gaming giant invests in BTC

Visa gets interested in cryptocurrencies

“We are focused on five areas in this sphere. And I would say that we are very interested in the cryptocurrency industry because we have an excellent position,” the CEO of Visa said.

Kelly noted that the company is in talks with central banks to launch national digital currencies. Visa may have a key role to play in this process.

“We are talking about the importance of partnership between the state and private companies. About the importance of adopting government cryptocurrencies, because for such digital currencies to have value, they must be reliable in the eyes of consumers, and this is an area in which we have vast experience. And, of course, such assets should have a useful application,” the top manager of the company said.

Asian gaming giant invests in bitcoins

“In the current economic climate, bitcoin offers long-term stability and liquidity, preserving the value of our funds for future investments,” the CEO, Owen Mahoney said.

In addition, he stated that the acquisition of bitcoins reflects the protection of shareholder value.

Analysts have calculated the average ransom amount in cryptocurrencies

The median size of the buyback increased by almost 60% — up to $78,398. Experts believe that the key reason is the work of the hacker group Clop.

“Dozens of victims of Clop paid tens of millions of dollars, although most of the victims chose not to transfer the requested cryptocurrencies to the attackers,” the report says.



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