Warren Buffett gets his first bitcoin, and mining farms in China are closed due to coronavirus

Tron founder gives 1 BTC to Warren Buffett

The hotly anticipated dinner of Tron CEO Justin Sun and the famous investor Warren Buffett finally took place. Sun won this opportunity at a charity auction, having paid $4.5 million for the meeting.

The dinner guests also included other representatives of the crypto industrу: the litecoin founder, Charlie Lee, the CEO of the eToro investment platform, Yoni Assia, the CFO of Huobi, Chris Lee, and the head of the Binance Charity Foundation, Helen Hai.

Sun said that he gave Buffett his first bitcoin along 1,930,830 TRX coins (worth $43,758) a number that corresponds with Buffet’s birthday.

“Warren Buffett received his first Bitcoin! This lucky Bitcoin is safely stored in his Samsung Galaxy Fold. Since I gifted him this Bitcoin, BTC has increased 16%! Hope it continues to moon!” — the Tron founder tweeted.

He added that he was grateful to Buffett for the advice and guidance he plans to use “to make TRON a better ecosystem, business with all the partners in the blockchain space and beyond.”

Chinese authorities demand to shut down BTC.TOP mining farm due to coronavirus

Police forced one of the largest mining farms in the BTC.TOP pool to shut down, said Jiang Zhuoer, the company CEO. According to him, on February 4, law enforcement officers arrived at one of the farms in a remote suburb, and ordered it to shut down production. At the moment, the equipment continues to work.

“Epidemic prevention measures in some places is already a mess. I have a mine in a remote suburb. The police came and forced all the mining authorities to shut down,” Jiang said.

He further added that maintenance personnel had been living on the facility since the Spring Festival and there are no new arrivals. BTC.TOP CEO is concerned that these measures will also affect other mining pools of the company.



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