We want to tell you what our website was 11 years ago

Back in 2007 there were not more than 35 active exchangers (instead of 390 today).

These companies have been exchanging mostly Webmoney and E-Gold (instead of Bitcoin and Perfect money that is the most popular exchange pair today). The functions that are so obvious now were at development stage. Rates parsing was 5 minutes (instead of 3 to 5 seconds today).

We are the oldest exchanger monitor for today. We have done an amazing job and improved our website structure and design as well as our team have grown a lot.

The old design was a bit shabby for a modern user (see the screenshot).

We are very grateful for the support of our users because we are doing that better together!

We are not ready to stop and want to upgrade our website. We are planning to give you fast, amazing and adaptive platform! Please tell us what do you want us to improve?

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