What are crypto exchange codes and how to use them in exchangers

Some crypto exchanges have created a convenient tool for transferring assets among users. And by any means, including outside the exchange. These are special codes, which have a certain amount of cryptocurrency “packed” in them and which another user can activate to receive this cryptocurrency to their account. What is remarkable, without losses on commissions.

In our monitor BestChange there are lots of exchangers allowing buying and selling exchange codes of EXMO, Cryptex and other platforms. A few words about how to use them:

💸 Codes are created, depending on an exchange, either in one click in the respective section or in assets withdrawal, like on EXMO.

💸 They are activated similarly, either in a special section or during topping up the balance.

💸 The coders are a long set of letters and numerals. Exchanges usually make it possible to link the code to a specific user who can activate it, but this is not used in exchangers.

💸 After activation, the cryptocurrency instantaneously is credited to the balance of the exchange.

This is a great option to buy cryptocurrency in the ways the exchange does not support because in exchangers the choice of available directions is times higher. And BestChange will always help choose a safe service for a profitable deal.





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