When and where will the next bitcoin high will be?

The BTC price is ready to move to $23,000

Analyst Pladizow notices. He points out that the bitcoin monthly chart shows the Cup and Handle reversal pattern.

The standard target of the pattern materialization will be the level of $23,000. The pattern will be considered complete when the price will break through the point of $11,000 on its monthly chart.

Earlier, the analyst predicted the rise of the BTC price to $12,000 if the Inverse Head and Shoulders pattern will be completely formed on the four-hour chart.

When bitcoin would cost $300,000

Crypto expert WyckoffMode said. He used Fibonacci levels and channels to predict the next bitcoin price high.

It turned out that the new cycle’s high would be within the range of $152,000–298,000. The trader points out that it should happen in December, 2021. WyckoffMode supposes that then the price will go down to the range of $50,000–60,000 before January 2023 and the new growth’s high will occur in December, 2025.

His speculations are based on the fact that BTC price movement cycles take 4 years because this is the periodicity with which halving occurs.

“With the first year being Distribution; the second year being Accumulation and the third and fourth year being multiple bouts of re-accumulation building up to a buying climax before starting over again with the first year of Distribution. One of the main reasons for this natural wave cycle of approximately four years involves the Bitcoin Block Halving”, the analyst writes

Opinion: Ethereum may get corrected down $360

Trader Credible Crypto has predicted a grow up to $460 earlier this week.

The analyst thinks after that, the ETH price may get corrected down to the point of $360.

Credible Crypto thinks that the situation is opposite for bitcoin: until the price does not break through $11,800, the trend remains downward. He supposes that the potential fall target is the range of $10,600–10,900.

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