YouTube blocks Buterin’s video, and Craig Wright said he will receive 1,1 million BTC on January, 1.

YouTube blocks Vitalik Buterin’s video

Popular video streaming platform continues to delete videos about cryptocurrency. It has now

censored Vitalik Buterin’s “Q&A video Ethereum roadmap”. YouTube has marked the video as containing “harmful and dangerous content.”

“It is weird to censor a Ethereum roadmap video. It seems that we need alternatives to YouTube.”

At this moment, over 30 crypto channels have been censored.

Craig Wright: I will receive 1 million BTC on January, 1

The scientist Craig Wright, self-appointed bitcoin inventor, said that he will be given access to 1,1 million BTC on January 1, 2020. He presented a letter dated 2011 allegedly written by the late Dave Kleiman.

Kleiman writes that he will return access to the Tulip Trust to Craig. The courier is to return private keys on January 1, 0 2020.

Earlier court order Wright to pay 550 thousand BTC to the brothers of his former partner Kleiman.

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